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Seth Bunev is available to give presentations for parents, teachers, educational officials, students (3rd grade and up), and other groups. Topics can include:


How digital technologies are reshaping our minds

  • Two sources of change: new habits and outsourcing of older skills/cognitive abilities.
  • Overall trends in how the internet is reshaping cognition.
  • Frameworks for understanding why this is happening.
  • Why the topic is hard to research in-depth.
  • Strategies for mitigating downsides.


Mitigating the harms of addictive design/the attention economy

  • Why digital interactions can feel ‘addictive,’ and form strong habits.
  • How to recognise manipulative design features in digital interfaces.
  • Strategies for inspiring interest and concern about this matter.
  • Strategies for self-control/ teaching self-control.


These presentations can be adapted to your particular needs, audience, and time frame. They can be 20 minutes to one hour in length, and can involve Q&A and interactive components.


Upon request, Seth can also present about:

  • Outdoor learning: activities, opportunities, and methods.
  • Teaching the Art of Memory: an ancient toolkit for enhanced learning.


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